David LIvingston: home inspector

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach area Home inspections. Reliable. Detailed. Thorough.


Your new home may be the single biggest investment you've ever made. Give yourself the peace of mind that a complete home inspection can provide. You get a full color report including every detail of your home inspection, prepared by a thoroughly trained, experienced building professional, written in plain english. Click the links above to see some of what areas are examined in the course of a home inspection.

Call 843-333-7939 to schedule an inspection. The fee for a typical single family residence inspection is $299.00 and a condo inspection costs only $199.00. Within two days of the inspection, you will receive a written report and a video showing the highlights of the inspection, complete with a list of defects, if any.


Home Inspection: Making sure your new home is sound.

Your confidential inspection report will be sent to you via email, written in plain English complete with a description of any problems and helpful suggestions about how to deal with them. Additionally, and for no extra charge, you’ll get a video of the inspection, giving you a better perspective on what’s wrong and what’s right with a home.